Why Your Business Should Hire a Web Design Agency Instead of a Freelancer

Working with a Web Design Agency

Website design agencies, in general, are more credible. Agencies, big or small have established a reputation within the web design industry and strive to uphold that reputation amongst their community and industry peers. Web design agencies will more often have collected online reviews which ultimately hold them accountable for their creative services and client relationships. Our Toronto web design agency has a range of fantastic reviews on Google, Clutch and UpCity to showcase our ability and commitment to successful relationships.

The Cons of Working with a Web Design Agency

Web design agencies are usually more expensive. Depending on the agency you choose to partner with they may have multiple people working on your web design project. By nature, this full-service approach will often incur higher rates to account for the dedicated resources on the project. Additionally, many web design agencies have flashy studios that carry with them significant overhead. In 2009 our Toronto web design company decided to become virtual and eliminate the cost associated with a brick and mortar office. This decision immediately allowed us to offer more competitive rates than a large scale agency, yet still, provide the agency experience to our clients.

Working with a Freelance Web Designer

The Pros of Working with a Freelance Website Designer

Freelance web designers are inherently cheaper. Freelancer web designers can set their own hourly or per project rates allowing them to be more flexible when it comes to budgeting than a web design agency. Freelance designers usually don’t have to worry about overhead, office space or employee salaries which allows them to offer lower rates than a full-scale design firm. However, freelancer designers tend to bill by the hour meaning the final project cost may not necessarily align with your expectations at the start.

The Cons of Working with a Freelance Web Designer

No creative team, less creative resources. Freelance web designers are most often working solo and do not have the support of a larger creative or development team to support them. The singular approach means that you are usually at the mercy of their schedule given that they can only take on one or two projects at a time. In contrast, working with a web design agency most often affords you a dedicated creative team for your website project. In most cases, website design and development is a big job and often requires hiring more than a single freelance web designer to complete. You should expect to also hire a website developer and maybe a content writer or photographer to help drive your project across the finish line.

Why Most Businesses Should Work With a Web Design Agency

Due to the complexity and varying components of a web design project, most businesses are better off working with a web design agency compared to a freelance web designer. Website design agencies have the resources and support to take on a full-scale website design and development project from strategy through deployment and offer the ability to support and help manage the new website for years to come.

About Parachute Design

Since 2003 Parachute Design has been a leading Toronto web design agency. Over the years have developed a time-tested six-step website design and development process that delivers successful solutions for our clients. To learn how we can help take your digital branding to the next level call our Toronto web designers at 416–901–8633.



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