The Ultimate Google PageSpeed Insights Guide

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How to Use Google PageSpead Insights to Optimize Your Website

What Is Google PageSpeed Insights?

How to Use Google PageSpeed Insights

Why Does Speed Matter?

How Do I Get 100/100 on Google PageSpeed Insights?

How Does Google Use PageSpeed Insights?

Understanding Google PageSpeed Insights Recommendations

Field Data

Lab Data

1. Avoid Changing Critical Requests

2. Eliminate Render-Blocking Resources

3. Reduce Request Counts and Limit Transfer Sizes

4. Minify CSS and Javascript

5. Remove Unused CSS

6. Minimize the Main Thread Work

7. Reduce Javascript Execution Time

8. Reduce Server Response Times

9. Size Images Appropriately

10. Defer Offscreen Images

11. Encode Images Efficiently

12. Serve Images in Next-Gen Formats

13. Use Videos for Animated Content

14. Make Text Visible During Webfont Load

15. Enable Text Compression

Google’s 2021 Algorithm Update

A Final Look at Google PageSpeed Insights

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