How to Reduce the Bounce Rate on Your Website — Parachute Design

What is the Bounce Rate in Google Analytics?

What is The Difference Between Bounce Rate and Exit Rate?

Why is it Important to Reduce a High Bounce Rate?

Common Bounce Rate Scenarios

Blogs — 70–98% Bounce Rate

Landing Pages & Single Page Website — 70–90% Bounce Rate

Professional Websites — 50–65% Bounce Rate

Retail Websites — 20–40% Bounce Rate

Service Websites — 10–30%

Why It’s Critical to Reduce Bounce Rate

Is It Possible to Lower Your Bounce Rate?

5 Ways You Can Reduce Bounce Rates

1. Deliver Upon Expectations and Optimize For Intent

2. Create a Better Website Design

3. Be Active On Social Media

4. Eliminate Distractions

5. Open External Links in a New Tab or Window

Share Your Strategies Proven to Reduce Bounce Rate

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