9 Ways SEO Will Change In 2021

Every year, Google makes over three thousand algorithm changes, that inherently influence SEO best practices.

1. Rankings Will Seesaw

Something that you need to know about SEO is that your website rankings will seesaw, no matter what. This is because many factors go into SEO rankings, which may cause your site to change ranking position over time no matter how much quality content or structured data you employ to drive your marketing strategies. However, if you apply a user-first approach and do the right things, you should see your rankings go up within a year or so from when you apply this approach to your search engine optimization techniques.

2. Position One Will Be More Important Than Ever

The top spot in SERP will be the Holy Grail more than ever. Aiming for that elusive position one in Google search is going to be challenging, but not impossible.

3. Good User Experience Is Everything

User experience is now an integral part of SEO, and more search engine traffic is conducted over mobile. This means that you will have to continue to optimize for mobile environments more than ever to improve rankings. Optimization is not just about page speed, or high-quality content and backlinks — it is about the entire experience.

4. Keep To Your Niche

You need to focus on building niche sites that cater to your users’ needs. Building a site that provides t general information on a topic, such as a Wikipedia-like site with information on hundreds of different topics, will not yield the necessary results to grab hold of key rankings in search results. If you’re going to build authority and boost your rankings, it is best to focus on one niche.

5. Content-Length Will Not Matter

In 2021, it is all about getting to the point with your content and avoiding the fluff. Users are looking for the content they have searched for, so don’t beat around the bush.

6. Forget About Backlinks

The importance of generating more quality backlinks to your content than competitors won’t matter. If you build too many links too fast, it will negatively affect your ranking, so let this happen organically. It is better to simply publish your content inline with your SEO campaign and let bloggers and other site owners find and link to your content on their own. The “ if you build it, they will come “ concept applies here.

7. Branding Won’t Be Enough

Branding is not enough to get to the top-ranking position anymore. Google wants you to be an authority in your niche. So, make sure that you are the be-all, end-all expert in your particular niche.

8. Go Global With SEO

From the beginning, you need to think about a global SEO strategy rather than just looking at SEO within your region.

9. Voice Search

As companies like Apple and Google produce more smart devices and we upgrade our homes and offices for the digital age voice search will play a more important role in search engine queries. Think about it for a moment, how many times a week do you start a sentence with “Hey Siri…” or “Alexa,…”? Voice search is here to stay and will continue to take over more of our daily search engine queries.

Final Thoughts on How SEO Will Change in 2021

With Google’s thousands of algorithm changes each year and the ever-changing world of SEO, you need to ensure you stay on top of the game to remain in the number one position. Understanding how SEO will change is one of the most important parts of running a modern business.

Parachute Design Group Inc. is a boutique Toronto web design agency specializing in beautiful hand-made website design, custom logo design and branding.

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