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  • Maxim Stepanov

    Maxim Stepanov

    UX/UI designer | Munich based. Experience in Branding and Digital Marketing. Writing about design, research, business and marketing.

  • Lauren Mason Carris

    Lauren Mason Carris

    linguist, educator, cultural critic, redefining categories, inspiring minds, finding flow, loving life

  • Ainal Haque

    Ainal Haque

    I’m a Sr. Web Designer and Developer. As a freelance web designer and developer in the web field over 10 years, I work with clients around the world

  • Brian Tudor

    Brian Tudor

    UX Designer making the web a moreuseful place, comic book addict, tea snob, #Podcaster. Podcast: Portfolio:

  • Vanesa R. Crespo

    Vanesa R. Crespo

    English-Spanish Translator & Writer. Certified Life and Meditation coach. Passionate about life and human behaviour. Contact:

  • Blogging Hub

    Blogging Hub

    I am a Software Developer, Bug Hunter, Digital Marketer and SEO Expert.

  • Tyler Johnston

    Tyler Johnston

  • Pegah & Reza Data Science

    Pegah & Reza Data Science

    Data science, Machine Learning, and Computer Stories By: Pegah Malekpour Alamdari & Gholamreza Zare

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